Edward Penfield / Harpers Christmas 1895 による紹介 Lucille Lucas Gallery

Edward PENFIELD - Harpers Christmas 1895

による紹介 Lucille Lucas Gallery

  • 1895
  • 技法
  • 画像の寸法
    64,8 x 50,8 cm / 25.5 x 20.0 in
  • 紙の寸法
    0,0 x 0,0 cm / 0.0 x 0.0 in
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Edward PENFIELD - Harpers Christmas 1895

From 1894 to 1899 the artist Edward Penfield was art director for America's premier 19th century news publication Harper's Weekly. Influenced by French advertising posters Penfield designed a poster each month introducing the "art of the people" to the American public. In this poster Father Christmas is escorting his lovely companion to the holiday festivities. A rare and colorful 1895 vintage poster signed and dated in the matrix and in good condition. There is a horizontal pressed crease, the bottom edge is a little rough and there is a small spot missing just above the womans right hand.

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