Alexander Calder / Les Deux Lues による紹介

Alexander CALDER - Les Deux Lues


  • 1974
  • 技法
  • 画像の寸法
    0,0 x 0,0 cm / 0.0 x 0.0 in
  • 紙の寸法
    76,2 x 111,8 cm / 30.0 x 44.0 in
  • 印刷
  • 価格
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  • 状態
Alexander CALDER - Les Deux Lues

Lithograph in colors on Arches paper -- Les Deux Lues, 1974 by Alexander Calder is a limited edition lithograph that demonstrates Calder's mastery of form and color. With dimensions of 76.2 x 111.8 cm, this artwork showcases his ability to create dynamic compositions that capture the viewer's attention. The title, "Les Deux Lues," translates to "The Two Moons," suggesting a celestial or otherworldly inspiration. Calder was known for his ability to infuse his works with a sense of movement and playfulness, and this lithograph is likely no exception. His use of bold and vibrant colors, along with his distinctive shapes, creates a sense of energy and rhythm within the composition.

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