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Gutan Art Gallery

Via Indipendenza 10, 21100 Varese - Italy

Founded in Varese, Gutan Art Gallery is a gallery specializing in Modern and Contemporary Art, with a focus on limited editions, and young talents.
With a particolar focus for original prints and multiples , we offers a wide choice of works, following an artistic path, starting from the futurism of Balla and Severini, which passes through Hartung, Capogrossi and Vedova, the informal of Afro and Tapies, Motherwell's pop art and Robert Indiana, Matta's surrealism, the optical art of Vasarely, Le Parc, Morellet and many others up to the present day, through the major artistic movements of twentieth century.
In the profession of gallery owner, the reasoned catalogs are essential works. It’s important for a collector to have a pubblication with the respective reference of each work in his collection. Most of the works witch we offer are accompanied by the reference to the catalog with the exhaustive description.

  • 画廊名
    Gutan Art Gallery
  • 責任者名
    Gutan Dimitri
  • 住所
    Via Indipendenza 10, 21100 Varese

  • Italy
  • 電話
    +39 3930301090
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