Marc Chagall / The Tribe of Zebulun による紹介

Marc CHAGALL - The Tribe of Zebulun


  • 1964
  • 技法
  • 画像の寸法
    0,0 x 0,0 cm / 0.0 x 0.0 in
  • 紙の寸法
    74,6 x 52,7 cm / 29.4 x 20.7 in
  • 印刷
    150 + 10AP + LXXV
  • 価格
  • 参照
  • 訪問
  • 状態
Marc CHAGALL - The Tribe of Zebulun

Lithographs in colors, on Arches paper - Signed in pencil and numbered - Series: Twelve Maquettes of Stained Glass Windows for Jerusalem - Published by Mourlot, Paris - - The ithograph represent the stained glass windows that illuminate the Synagogue of the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem, depicting the Twelve Sons of Jacob. The windows took two years to complete and were unveiled at a ceremony attended by Chagall in 1962. -- "The Tribe of Zebulun, 1964" by Marc Chagall is a striking limited edition lithograph from his series dedicated to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Sized 74.6 x 52.7 cm, the artwork features Chagall's signature style of vibrant colors and dreamlike imagery. The symbolism and spirituality inherent in these tribal depictions reflect Chagall's deep engagement with his Jewish heritage. This piece exemplifies his ability to weave narrative, tradition, and personal interpretation into a coherent, visually stunning whole.

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